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The development of domestic leather industry and environmental protection vane
Author:Fujian Zhongyu leather Industry Co., LTD Publish:2021-09-23 16:14:40
Abstract:Tanners, suppliers of raw leather and leather chemicals will seize the opportunity of the exhibition ...

Tanners, suppliers of raw leather and leather chemicals will seize the opportunity of the exhibition to communicate with customers and competitors and assess the current state of the industry. With prices still soft, domestic tanneries are expected to support demand for leather - in the last week of July, three major Chinese tanners cut prices on US suppliers and bought large quantities of raw hides.
The fact that China's economic growth has been sustained at 69% has surprised many, and that consumer demand continues to grow at a rate of 10% is enough to prove that China and its expanding middle class remain a major market for quality design products.
Regional political instability seems to be holding back stock markets in developed countries like the United States and Europe, which is undoubtedly a good thing for the consumer market, as optimistic consumers continue to pursue well-made leather apparel, handbags and footwear.
China's leather industry in environmental protection progress
Three years ago, China began to strictly implement environmental protection policies to rectify polluting industries such as clothing and leather, to protect the environment while also protecting the health of nearby residents. Some small tanneries in Hebei, affected by the policy need to shut down, some more because there is no money to invest in new equipment and temporarily shut down.
According to the speech of Su Chaoying, honorary president of the China Leather Association, at the Asia Pacific Leather Exhibition, the leather industry has undergone three years of structural adjustment and just ushered in the new China International Leather Exhibition. Large tanners are now connected to the international market, producing sustainable leather and adding more technical features, while they are also contributing to the environmental policies implemented in 2015 that shook up the entire industry, protecting the environment and the health of the Chinese people.
In 2017, several Hebei tanners returned to the China International Leather Fair, and the new products they brought to the audience included furniture leather and automobile leather. The China Leather Association said in its document: Environmental protection is the only way to enhance the competitiveness of tanners and meet the requirements of customers.
Now that the campaign affecting the entire Chinese tanning region has come to an end, the Chinese leather industry can now produce more competitive leather for cars, furniture, leather goods, and the soon-to-be-revived shoe market, and China can become a serious competitor in the international market under the banner of a sustainable leather supplier.

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