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What are the registered business scope of leather company?
Author:Fujian Zhongyu leather Industry Co., LTD Publish:2021-09-23 16:15:47
Abstract:Leather is the most common in our life, many of the shoes we wear on our feet are leather, and some ...

Leather is the most common in our life, many of the shoes we wear on our feet are leather, and some bags, coats, or pants can be made of leather, and in recent years, the use of leather to make daily necessities is more and more things, so running a leather company is also a good prospect!

Leather company registered business scope:

1. Raw leather (raw leather, leather chemical industry, leather accessories/leather hardware, ball leather, leather machinery, luggage leather bags, customized shoes/shoes, finished leather, fur products, leather clothing, etc.)
2. Leather chemical industry (finishing materials, degreasing agents, fatting agents, surfactants, cationic dyes, dyeing AIDS, metal complexing dyes, vulcanized dyes, ice dyes, direct dyes, VAT dyes, chrome tanning agents, solvent dyes, fur special materials, disperse dyes, retanning agents, acid dyes, basic dyes, reactive dyes, tanning agents, etc.)
3. Leather accessories/leather hardware (leather hardware accessories, artificial leather, shoe last, heel, synthetic leather, shoelaces, molded soles, etc.)
4. Ball leather (leather volleyball, leather football, leather basketball, etc.)
5. Leather machinery (cutting machine, leather measuring machine, stretching machine, leather mold, drum, grooving machine, embodying machine, leather grinding machine, sheet machine, roll coating machine, centrifugal dewatering machine, adhesive pressing machine, meat removing machine, cutting machine, squeezing machine, sewing machine, heel nailing machine, fur stitching machine, dryer, chipping machine, etc.)
6. Luggage leather bags (women's bags, men's bags, ticket holders, student bags, suitcases, wallets, travel bags, suitcases, gloves, briefcases, hiking bags, etc.)
7. Customized shoes/shoes (customized women's shoes, customized men's shoes, customized slippers, customized labor protection shoes, customized children's shoes, customized sports shoes, customized sandals, customized other shoes, customized travel shoes, etc.)
8. Finished leather (shoe upper leather, car seat cushion leather, garment glove leather, sofa leather, shoe interior leather, luggage leather, etc.)
9. Fur products (fur clothing, fur toys, mink products, fur plates, fur hats, etc.)
10. Leather clothing (fashion leather, fur coat, leather jacket, leather hat, etc.)
In the first half of this year, the development trend of China's leather main industry is encouraging, and the increase of exports is obvious. However, the future development of the industry is still facing some uncertain factors, and practitioners urgently need to grasp the development trend of the industry, move forward with the trend, transform and enhance traditional kinetic energy, and cultivate new competitiveness.

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