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Explore a new development model of leather industry
Author:Fujian Zhongyu leather Industry Co., LTD Publish:2021-09-18 15:17:58
Abstract:The 2017 All China Leather Exhibition2017 (hereinafter referred to as ACLE2017), the annual pinnacle ...

The 2017 All China Leather Exhibition2017 (hereinafter referred to as ACLE2017), the annual pinnacle of the leather industry, was held in Shanghai recently. Thousands of exhibitors from more than 30 countries and regions around the world displayed new technologies and new products in the 92,000 square meters exhibition hall to explore new models of traditional industry development. Macro data show that China's leather industry in the first half of this year showed a warming trend, sales revenue growth accelerated, the growth rate increased by 0.5 percentage points; Profit changed from negative to positive, with a year-on-year increase of 6.8%; In particular, the export of the main leather industry increased significantly, an increase of 8.2%.

Industry authorities pointed out that the current round of scientific and technological revolution is causing deep changes in the industry, "Internet +", big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies are changing with each passing day, and the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries has become an inevitable trend. It is gratifying that some enterprises in the leather industry have begun positive actions, they vigorously promote the integration of the two, accelerate the application of intelligent manufacturing equipment, and introduce product life cycle management, customer relationship management, supply chain management and other information systems to improve the level of intelligent operation of enterprises.

It is understood that some technologies and products representing the development direction of the industry have been unveiled with a new attitude. Among them, ecological leather enterprises, as representatives of excellent tannery groups, are concentrated in a special exhibition hall, displaying the most advanced concepts, the most novel processes, the most cutting-edge technologies and the most promising products. China's leather industry entered a deep adjustment period in 2016, while the upstream leather and fur tanning took the lead in entering the structural adjustment period from 2013 to 2014, which is both the internal needs of the industry's own development and the external spur of the national environmental protection policy.

The transformation and upgrading of the leather industry has also brought a new round of business opportunities for leather, shoe materials, machinery and other supporting industries, prompting them to actively participate in the exhibition to show the latest and best products and production solutions. For example, the growth of automobile sales in China has promoted the development of automobile leather and also stimulated the vitality of supporting industries. At that time, leading automotive leather enterprises such as Mingxin from Zhejiang, Zhenjing from Sichuan and Xinghao from Shandong will bring new products to the exhibition. Hebei Wuji is an important production area of automotive leather in China, after environmental protection, many local enterprises such as Juncheng, Kanghuida, new Zhongtian, World Union will participate in the exhibition, hoping to improve the industry's visibility and open up domestic and foreign markets.

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