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President Zhang Chonghe attended the eighth session of the second Council expansion meeting
Author:Fujian Zhongyu leather Industry Co., LTD Publish:2021-09-18 15:15:42
Abstract:On the morning of August 28, the China Leather Association held the second expansion meeting of the ...

On the morning of August 28, the China Leather Association held the second expansion meeting of the eighth session of the China Leather Association in Shanghai Hongqiao Jinjiang Hotel. Zhang Chongzhang, president of the China Light Industry Federation and director of the China National Handicraft Cooperation General Association, encouraged colleagues in the leather industry to face the new situation and new situation, to accurately grasp the trend, take the initiative to forge ahead, and strive to achieve the healthy and sustainable development of China's leather industry. The following is the full text of the speech, I hope the leather industry colleagues study hard, and strive to implement the important instructions and deployment of President Zhang. Five suggestions for the leather industry:

First, conscientiously implement the national strategy

In recent years, China has successively introduced national strategies such as "Made in China 2025", "Three products" special action plan, "Consumer product standards and quality Improvement Plan", which has pointed out the direction and put forward requirements for the development of China's leather industry. The leather industry and enterprises should take the initiative to docking and consciously implement. It is necessary to actively implement the "Made in China 2025", promote the integration of the leather industry, promote digital, networked and intelligent manufacturing, and comprehensively improve the level of leather manufacturing. We should actively implement the "three products" strategy, with rich varieties, excellent quality and well-known brands, lead the consumption upgrade, and contribute more to reduce the outflow of purchasing power of China's high-end leather products. It is necessary to actively implement the "consumer product standards and quality improvement plan", strengthen the formulation of standards for new products, accelerate the standard transformation of innovation results, increase the benchmarking with international standards, promote the "same line, same standard and homogeneity" of domestic and foreign products, and constantly improve the standard system of the leather industry. To lead with a more powerful standard, drive the overall level of leather industry quality.

Second, vigorously promote scientific and technological innovation

 The leather industry should seriously implement the requirements of the Prime Minister, effectively strengthen scientific and technological innovation, and promote the development of the industry with innovation. First, strengthen the common technology research of biological enzyme leather, functional leather manufacturing and other industries, increase the research and development of new materials such as environmentally friendly and functional leather raw materials, and effectively improve the technical level of tanning. The second is to actively develop advanced equipment such as precision layer cutting machine, automatic skin lifting machine, leather water saving device, and comprehensively improve the equipment manufacturing level of the leather industry. The third is to strengthen the deep integration of leather industrialization and information technology, increase the development of digital and intelligent equipment, and promote the efficient, automated and intelligent development of leather processing, transmission and storage. The fourth is to accelerate the construction of a public platform for innovation in the leather industry, improve the innovation system of cross-border integration, collaborative development, open cooperation, and the combination of production, university and research, and promote the overall level of scientific and technological innovation in the leather industry.

Third, always adhere to green development

Green manufacturing is the only way to transform and upgrade the leather industry. The leather industry should always adhere to the concept of green development, adhere to environmental protection priority, adhere to clean production, and take the road of ecological civilization development. It is necessary to actively implement the "Guidelines for the Implementation of Green Manufacturing Engineering", "Standard Conditions for the Tanning Industry", and "Roadmap for Water conservation and emission Reduction in the tanning Industry", accelerate the adjustment and transformation, and eliminate backward tanning production capacity. It is necessary to increase industry emission reduction and pollution control efforts, actively promote end-treatment technology, and effectively reduce pollutant emissions. It is necessary to transform traditional leather production equipment, promote clean production technology, promote waste water recycling, promote high-absorption dyeing and finishing, chromium-free tanning technology, salt-saving and water-saving technology, sludge resource reuse technology, and strive to achieve the goal of energy saving and emission reduction in fur tanning production. It is necessary to promote the separation of tannery and pollution, closed-circuit circulation, multi-purpose of one water, and promote the reuse of water resources. Green development will benefit both the present and the future. Every leather enterprise should adhere to the new development concept, practice, energy saving and emission reduction, and make positive contributions to China's green development.

Fourth, strive to build industrial clusters

Industrial clusters play an increasingly important leading role in the leather industry with their own scale advantages, innovation advantages, characteristic advantages, comprehensive service advantages, and radiation driving advantages. As early as 2001, the China Leather Association cultivated the first industrial cluster of the national light industry "China Shoe Capital". Wenzhou ". In recent years, the leather industry cluster has developed rapidly, and the number of clusters has reached 42. The leather industry cluster should play a greater role in promoting the industry to be better and stronger. It is necessary to strive to build the leather industry cluster into a "test field" of national policies, actively implement national policies, docking national policies, and serving national policies, and test the water and explore the road for the government to introduce leather industry policies. It is necessary to vigorously promote the good experience and good practice of industrial cluster construction to provide beneficial reference for the whole industry. It is necessary to give full play to the advantages of industrial clusters, especially the advantages of radiation drive, and lead the sustainable development of the industry. Haining, the leather capital of China, has built a professional market of 2 million square meters, covering 10 provinces and cities, effectively driving the overall development of the national leather market. The leather industry cluster has strongly supported the regional economy and effectively driven the development of the industry, and it is necessary to continue to explore and innovate, keep pace with The Times, and make new contributions to the transformation and upgrading of the leather industry.

V. Actively Pursuing the Belt and Road Initiative

The "Belt and Road" strategy is a major national strategy in the new era, a strategic shift in China's opening up, and a powerful driving force for the internationalization and innovation of China's leather industry. The leather industry should seize the opportunity, take advantage of the momentum, and accelerate the internationalization of the leather industry by taking advantage of the east wind of the "Belt and Road". To promote the internationalization of the industry, the China Leather Association has done a lot of effective work and set an example for other light industry associations. Taking the "Belt and Road" well, some leather enterprises have carried out active exploration, providing useful references for the leather industry. China Leather Association has signed memorandums of cooperation with the Spanish Footwear Association, the American Raw Leather Association and the Ethiopian Leather Association, and jointly established the China-Asean Footwear Cooperation Committee with the China-Asean Business Council, which has promoted exchanges between enterprises in the leather industry and established an effective mechanism for China's leather import and export trade. Kangnai Group participated in the construction of Ussuriysk Economic and Trade Cooperation Zone in Russia, and built a large-scale overseas comprehensive economic and trade zone integrating production, sales, office and service. Huajian Group has built Huajian International Shoe City in Ethiopia, and is building "Huajian International Light Industry City", which has made active exploration for "going out" of light industry and leather industry. To take the Belt and Road well, we must follow the national strategy, close to the actual industry, and give play to their own advantages. It is necessary to align with the national conditions of the local countries, make use of the policies, resources and market advantages of the local countries, and realize the effective transfer of their own advantageous surplus production capacity. It is necessary to strengthen understanding and recognition through participation in cooperative research, forums and exhibitions, personnel training, and exchange visits. It is necessary to make full use of its own production capacity advantages, technological advantages, capital advantages and experience advantages, plan projects that take into account bilateral interests, deepen economic and trade cooperation and production capacity among countries along the route, and strive to open up a broader space for the international development of China's leather industry.

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