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China's leather industry is committed to "green intelligent manufacturing"
Author:Fujian Zhongyu leather Industry Co., LTD Publish:2021-09-23 16:15:14
Abstract:China's economic development has entered a new normal and is evolving into a more advanced stage ...

China's economic development has entered a new normal and is evolving into a more advanced stage with a more complex division of labor and a more rational structure. People's living standards have improved significantly, their aspirations for a better life have become stronger, and their demands are increasingly diversified and multi-level. At the international level, despite the lingering impact of the international financial crisis and sluggish world economic growth, China's development is full of vitality and has become an important engine for the steady growth of the global economy.

In this context, China's leather industry has entered the growth rate change, industrial structure adjustment, development power transformation of the critical period, to cope with the new situation of many challenges, seize the opportunity, we must gather the wisdom of the people, innovation as the driving force, aiming at "green wisdom", to achieve the leapfrog development of the leather industry.

The theme of the eighth session of the Second Council Expansion Conference and the eighth session of the third Executive Council of the China Leather Association is "integration of wisdom, innovation and transcendence".Leaders from China's State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other relevant national ministries and commissions and China Light Industry Federation, as well as representatives from leather industry production, operation, scientific research colleges across the country and local leather industry associations and chambers of commerce gathered together to jointly interpret the important essence of supply-side reform, analyze the competitive environment of domestic and foreign markets and changes in consumer demand. Share the industry's cross-border innovative thinking and the way to build competitive advantages, in order to achieve the new brilliance of China's leather industry.

Since the beginning of this year, the demand for leather in the footwear industry has been lackluster, and brands continue to use synthetic materials as upper and sole materials, they have this decision, may be based on the consideration of production profits. But since last April's Asia Pacific Leather Show, the price of raw hide in the United States has fallen by about 30 percent, which should make leather materials more competitive. The switch to synthetic materials emerged in 2014, when the price of leather soared beyond the price range of the market, and the collapse of oil prices allowed cheaper synthetic materials to successfully break out and replace leather. After that, it was only the automotive and furniture industries that still maintained demand for leather and could afford its price.

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