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Zhongyu Leather: Environmental leather expert
Author:Fujian Zhongyu leather Industry Co., LTD Publish:2021-09-23 16:17:25
Abstract:Cooperative customers: Anta, Hongxing Erke, 361°, etcRecommended reasons:Referring to the profession ...

Cooperative customers: Anta, Hongxing Erke, 361°, etc

Recommended reasons:

Referring to the professional ability in the leather industry, Jinjiang Zhongyu Leather Co Ltd is unique in the industry, and the leather products with high environmental protection standards are the "fist" products of Zhongyu leather. "In line with the responsible attitude towards customers and society, our Zhongyu products leave the factory, even if the customer does not have special requirements, such as the European environmental standards SGS testing, EKO-TEX harmful substances testing and other environmental testing must be done." Zhongyu leather person told reporters so.

In order to achieve efficient production of environmentally friendly leather products, Zhongyu Leather has built a factory covering an area of 154.7 mu in Xianyou, Fujian. This year, the plant has been officially put into production.

"Real environmental protection should start from the source of production, not only to increase the development and application of environmentally friendly leather materials, the production process should also pay attention to low-carbon environmental protection." In this regard, the new factory in Xianyou invested by Zhongyu Leather not only has its own patented DMF recycling system, but also the most advanced sewage treatment system in China, which can effectively reduce production pollution." Zhongyu leather relevant person in charge told reporters. According to him, the new factory of Zhongyu Leather has purchased four PU leather wet production lines and dry production lines, finishing equipment, PU resin and PU surface treatment agent production equipment, etc. "It can produce 12 million meters of high-grade PU synthetic leather, 60,000 tons of PU resin and 4,000 tons of PU surface treatment agent every year."

At the same time, Zhongyu Leather also has advantages in product research and development, the company has introduced leather microscope, constant temperature and humidity meter and millions of debugging instruments and other domestic first-class experimental equipment. "It is with such a strong backing that we can easily serve local brands and domestic first-line brands." What products customers want, other people's factories can not produce, through their own backing must be done, so that customers can be satisfied and common development." Zhongyu leather relevant person in charge told reporters.

It is understood that Zhongyu leather strictly checks the raw materials from the beginning, all use environmentally friendly materials, and adhere to the quality system and environmental protection system in each process. In addition, in addition to ordinary standards as a reference, Zhongyu Leather is directly the focus of customer attention as their own product quality inspection standards. "Sometimes, different customers have different requirements for environmental protection, which requires us to integrate environmental protection throughout the entire production process, and even our testing instruments are more advanced than their peers." Zhongyu leather person said.

Supplier "Trump card" :

Microfiber leather fine fold leather

The microfiber leather has made bold and innovative changes in the substrate and combined with the classic cowhide fine pattern in the finished leather, making the developed product feel soft. "It is a 2AEG product with a fine fold that is close to real leather." Zhongyu leather products R & D department personnel introduction.

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